Boiled Meatballs Recipe | Turkish Meatball Soup | Meatball Recipe

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Healthy Boiled Meatballs Recipe | Turkish Meatball Soup | Meatball Recipe | Step by Step
Albóndigas Receta | Polpette Ricetta | Turkish Recipe

-1/2 kilo (1 lb) of ground meat
-1 small cup of broken rice
-1 small cup of bulgur wheat
-1 tbs. of flour
-9-10 branches of parsley
-1 carrot
-1 potato
-2 onions
-4 tbs. of cooking oil
-1 tbs of tomato paste
-1 dessert spoon of salt


-Grate the onion
-knead the ground meat, mixing with grated onion,finely chopped parsley, washed bulgur and rice, salt and black pepper. Shape it ass balls, these will be the meatballs of the soup.
-dust some flour on the tray
-make little balls out of the meat mix
-dust some more flour over the meatballs
-shake the tray,for flour to go all over the meatballs

-chop an onion and roast it
-peel and chop the carrot and potato
-Add 2 pints of water, you are going to boil carrot for 10 minutes first, later you can add the potatoes and meatballs.

Cook for 30 minutes, serve it immediately!

Bon appetit!


Starfish says:

yummy I will make it , thanks.

askarsfan2011 says:

This looks so delicious. I’m drooling.

cobra6751 says:

I added garlic .. Thank you for your recipies they are awesome

Easy Turkish Recipes says:
Easy Turkish Recipes says:

Thank you =) Tastes good as well!

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