easy recipes for your allotment grown Leeks

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I have stacks of leeks left to use and always looking for alternative ways of cooking them – I found this nice recipe on YT and thought I’d give it a go (nothing else to do in this rain!!) – leeks make a pretty good substitute for onions as well.

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Kevin Bradley says:

Looks good, that is how I like my bubble and squeak after Christmas.

Ian Knockton says:

Mr woodys allotment channel !! You have re-branded and re-launched ! You
are big time now buddy !! Living the dream !! I’m going to catch up on all
your videos amigo !! Those potato cakes look good ! Where’s the mushy peas
and gravy !!????

Patrick Meehan says:

Woody I’m getting hungry -that looks delicious. The leeks have made a good
substitute for onions. I’m going to give it a try if the wife trusts me
in the kitchen. LOL

Dale Calder says:

That looks so good Woody. I’m going to give leeks a try again this year.
For some reason mine always bolt in late summer. English hens lay eggs with
writing on the LOL.

2redbird1 says:


nery colon 1 says:

Looks delicious. Loved and subbed.

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