Homemade bread and soup – easy! Recipes in comments

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We use technology to make our own soup and bread. Easy peasy! Recipes below:

Bread recipe:

Leah’s Organic Honey Wheat Bread

1 2/3 c. filtered water
1 organic or pastured egg
1/3 c. raw honey http://amzn.to/1BwxAlM
1/3 c. organic expeller pressed coconut oil https://secure.ttpurchase.com/0BACF394-1E0B-90B3-0EABFD5B16BA3686
5 c. freshly ground organic hard red wheat flour http://amzn.to/1uStwL2, ground in a Wondermill http://amzn.to/1xrtntn on bread setting
2 tsp. Himalayan or Real salt
1 rounded T. gluten (optional – makes a fluffier loaf)
1 T. yeast
This bread recipe works best in a Zojirushi Home BakerySupreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker http://amzn.to/1AEyHdG or similar bread maker that is sturdy enough to handle a 100% whole wheat loaf. This recipe was developed for the Home BakeryVirtuoso® BB-PAC20: http://amzn.to/1AEyHdG.

Measure ingredients precisely and add to the baking pan in the order listed. Make sure that the yeast does not touch the liquid.

Select the homemade setting and set settings to:
Rest 0:10
Knead 0:20
Shape OFF
Rise 1 0:45
Rise 2 0:26
Rise3 OFF
Bake 0:50
Keep Warm OFF

Beef Soup

Add the following ingredients into the Instant Pot http://amzn.to/1DaRy2T. Press Soup and walk away!

8 cups beef broth
1 1/2 pounds grass fed beef roast, cooked (use leftovers)
2 carrots, sliced
Handful of green beans, sliced
3 celery stalks with tops, sliced
5 garlic cloves, minced
1 can organic tomatoes or 2 medium tomatoes, chopped
4-8 potatoes, cubed (I used a combo of red and Russet)
Bunch parsley
Sprig of thyme
1 bay leaf
Splash of balsamic vinegar (optional)

You can add barley if you want. I love it, but hubs doesn’t.


Leah Brooks says:

What do you do with all your #TowerGarden produce? Make soup! Grass fed
beef or chicken with organic veggies is inexpensive and easy to make in the
Instant Pot. Organic freshly ground whole wheat bread is amazing in the
Zojirushi. #technologyismyfriend #eatrealfood #organic #bonebroth #bread 

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